You Can Deepen The Spark Integration With Hadoop Using Cloudera

Cloudera, technology focused on big data and Apache hadoop, brings matured Apache Spark integration with Hadoop environments. Both the Spark and Hadoop are flourishing on the big data scene.

Moreover, Cloudera has also added support for Spark SQL and MLlib in its Enterprise edition to further expand the capabilities of Spark for an enterprise. Apache Spark has acquired great industry support, while continuing to have deficits in enterprise readiness.

Spark has taken off in the open source community and all over customer use cases due to its development ease and flexible data processing.

The one platform initiative by Cloudera aspires to make Apache Spark as the default framework for processing analytics in Hadoop. The platform will focus on bolstering the Apache Spark security, rendering Spark more scalable, augmenting Spark Streaming, and enhancing management functionality.

Also the efforts to enhance the security of Spark will focus on ensuring the data encryption at rest and over the wire. The technology is also making plan to deepen Spark’s integration with YARN by developing metrics that offer insight into resource utilization and enhancements to multi-tenant performance.

What Is The The Cloudera Navigator Buzz All About?

Navigator is Cloudera’s closed-source that brings data governance capability. It includes both security auditing and metadata management and also allows both integrations with the conventional data governance products.

It tracks the location from where data comes, what changes have been made to it, where it is landed and where it is currently located. Users can also set up rules for automated tagging data based on its type and origin.

Navigator also allows user to trigger actions based on these rules. User can trigger auditing with or without Sentry (an authorization module for Hadoop).

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