New Possibilities Available for Asp .net Developers in India

ASP .NET is a programming language, owned and managed by tech giant Microsoft. It is an open web framework for creating enterprise-class server-based web applications with minimum coding. It is majorly used to create dynamic web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Windows.

ASP .NET was developed by Microsoft as a part of the .NET framework to allow developers to build dynamic websites, applications, and web services. ASP .NET is an evolution to Microsoft’s ASP (Active Server Pages) technology and ASP .NET Core is an alternative to ASP .NET. By using .NET you can also create web APIs and use technologies like Web Sockets. The ASP .NET has many extensions and one of them is Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) extension, the framework of SOAP extension allows ASP .NET components to execute SOAP messages. While working on the development of an ASP .NET application the .NET framework plays a vital role as it gives access to all the classes in it which lets the developer write the code in any language compatible to the common language runtime, ASP .NET in India is very popular among developer fraternity.

Microsoft Visual Basic, and C#. To use ASP .NET you will have to install Visual Web Developer Express from Microsoft Web Platform Installer which is available for free, is easy to download, install and also you get service components of Microsoft Web Platform as ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft. The service components of Microsoft Web Platform includes Internet Information Services, SQL, Server Express and all of these tools are used to create an ASP.NET web application. From Microsoft Web Platform Installer you can also install open source ASP .NET and PHP web applications.

ASP .NET technology is majorly used today by the developers as the most important thing is that it is developed and constantly updated by Microsoft which makes it safe and bug-free. With this platform now it has become easy to establish projects that are compatible across many operating systems. Another feature of ASP .NET technology is that it continuously monitors for memory leaks and bugs and terminates them immediately so that it cannot affect the whole application.

ASP .NET developers in India are high in demand these days as it’s the digital era and everything is getting online. The ASP .NET developers must possess a few skills like he/she should have proficient knowledge of .NET framework, C#, VB .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, proficient understanding of code versioning tools like GIT, SVN and Mercurial, should be familiar with mono framework, have good knowledge of their ecosystem, thorough understanding of object-oriented programming, proficient knowledge of concurrent patterns, familiarity with various and latest design, have knowledge of Asp.Net MVC, WCF, WPF, JavaScript, should be Microsoft most valued professional (MVP), should understand the working in Bootstrap and XML.

An ASP .NET developer have many roles and responsibilities, a few them are that they have to translate the application storyboards and use those cases into functional applications, training the client on the final product, providing technical support to the client whenever needed, designing efficient and reusable code, integrating data storage and maintaining security of database, ensuring best performance of applications, creating an efficient user interface, pointing out and repairing bugs and maintaining code organization, quality and automatization. India is a developing country with a developing gross economy as well as it is now achieving heights in technology. Almost every IT company in India have now hired expert ASP .NET developers as this technology is growing rapidly in IT sector. Other than IT sector ASP .NET have scope in many other fields like E-Commerce, Travel & Tourism, Finance, Social Networking, Print Media, Blog Widgets, Insurance, Construction Industry and Social Plug-in Widgets too.

Being a software engineering is a proud thing and as this era is digital era, software engineers and developers are charging bombs for creating applications, software, and every other coding work. The salary of any developer or any other mainly depends on their experience in that field and having an experience of minimum 2-3 years is considered great for software developers. The average salary package of an ASP .NET developer in India is minimum Rs. 300,998 per annum. But this salary can be easily increased by working on one’s skills like by concentrating on Model view controller (MVC) framework, Internet Information Server (IIS), JQuery, Windows communication foundation (WCF) and client-side frameworks. Various IT giants in India that hire ASP .NET developers in India and work on this technology developed by Microsoft are Mascot Business Solutions, Dotsquares Technologies India Private Limited, Misha Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Blue Sun Info, X-mx solutions, IBlueAnts Infosystems, Indivar Software Solutions PVT. Ltd. Evisualizers Infotech and many more. These IT giants are a great and huge platform for ASP .NET developers for earning and all these companies provide a nice salary.