Microsoft CRM Developers Listing Few Significant Outlook and Sync Enhancements

With recent features unveiled for MS dynamics CRM 2015, several enhancements have been made to outlook and the Sync process. Microsoft CRM developers will note and outline all major enhancements in this post for the entire CRM development community across the world. We will explain CRM 2016 features like-

  • Sync Outlook Assigned Task
  • Contact phone number and address Sync enhancements
  • Sync Appointment Attachments
  • Outlook client
  • Configurable Field level sync

Contact phone number and address Sync enhancement

The sync process for Contacts has been changed by officials. 4 more contact numbers are added to the process that is now making the count of 11; these are-

  • Assistant’s phone
  • Business phone
  • Business Phone 2
  • Business fax
  • Callback number
  • Home phone
  • Home phone 2
  • Company phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Telephone 3
  • Pager

Moreover, users can also leverage on an organization level system setting to show if they want to sync either-

a. just the Outlook Mailing address, b. All 3 outlook addresses.

How to navigate to settings-

  1. Go to administration
  2. Select system settings
  3. Select synchronization
  4. Select synchronized fields

For each field, there is an option to modify sync direction that results in synchronization in both ways, one way, or no way.

Enhancements in Outlook Client

Newly added OAuth support to the Outlook client enables multi-factor authorization to the Outlook client and delivers consistency across CRM clients.

Moreover, users need to put the organizational URL to get up as officials have cut the cluster out of configuring the Outlook client.

The new managed outlook app has ability to distinguish between personal and business uses on devices to protect data from unauthentic access or leakage through copying and pasting.

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Intune updates

Companies can leverage Intune updates to add security to their business .net web apps
. Developers can link system center configuration manager to Intune using a connector solution.

Office 365 document security

Officials have released Office 365 Message Encryption viewer apps for people who would like to receive encrypted Office 365 messages on iOS or Android devices.

The new enhancements released for end-users in Outlook App allow them to specify what happens with specific swipe gestures. Users are also allowed to create and name their intended folders for email archive purposes.

iOS users can now switch off the Outlook App’s default behavior that organizes email threads in the form of conversation views. This feature will be available for android devices as well in future.

Admin users will now need a PIN lock while using Exchange ActiveSync. This feature affects companies with email standards and policies that require devices to enter passwords prior to synchronization of mail.

The schedule and archive gestures are too becoming robust and powerful. Users are now able to adjust the default folders of these gestures by simply changing them by navigating through an advanced setting menu.

These are the Outlook and Sync enhancements explained and shared by Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers. Aegis Soft tech professionals are working with enhancements and making best practices by leveraging their skills and quality experience. You can ask them about CRM services and get the best reliable solutions for your business.

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