Freshers, Be Prepare For Basic Interview Questions Asked By Professionals

While many Java developers prepare themselves to have a great career in java development, some are making moves steadily towards the success. What differentiates an amateur java developer and a professional developer?

Here we get a list of questions that IT companies ask during interview session. If you are a fresher, you can prepare yourself for your next interview and gain confidence to crack it and grab the opportunity to prove your skills.

Here are the questions you should consider. Learn the answers by heart and grab the job which is meant for you-

  1. Can you tell the key feature of Java?
  2. Java is a platform independent language.

  3. What does Platform Independence mean?
  4. Platform Independence means you can run and compile java program in one platform and are able to execute in any other platform.

  5. Do you understand JVM? How you define it?
  6. JVM stands for Java Virtual Machine which works as a runtime environment for the compiled java class.

  7. Do you know about JIT compiler?
  8. Just-In-Time or JIT compiler is used to enhance the performance.

  9. Is the platform of JVM Independent?
  10. No, JVM platform are not Independent. These are platform specific.

  11. What happen if main method declares as private?
  12. It will compile fine, but during run time, it will show error- main method should be in public.

What else can be asked by java professionals?

There are lots of questions asked by the management people in an interview. Things you should grasp faster are-

  • Definition of platform
  • Memory areas
  • Base class
  • Javac
  • Ways to call GC
  • Static method
  • How to use Finalize() method
  • More

Can you name a few Java IDEs? Can we inherit the constructors? Can this keyword be assigned null value? These are few more things you should know how to answer.

You can take name of Eclipse, IntelliJ, and Net Beans for answering about Java IDEs. You should know that you cannot inherit constructors in Java development. And you cannot assign this keyword to null value.

These are key things you need to learn before going for interview. Java development professionals have shared this post to let you know what is generally asked by company’s management staff from interviewees. Learn, grasp and understand each of the points to grab the seat in the company.