Why to be an ethical hacker? Is there any benefit?

How software industry gets help with ethical hacking?

While the online world is infested with hackers, software development companies have shared job openings for ethical hackers. Most of the .net jobs are about ethical hacking and this is because of the demand of the hackers. Although, media always shows the dark side of hackers and make them the bad guys. People in the world consider them as cyber criminals and outliers who mainly focus to seek into system and destroy or steal data.

Due to bad marketing and damaged image of hackers, individuals take less interest in making their career in ethical hacking. Surely there are number of criminals with top-notch hacking and coding skills, but we, as people, are overlooking the community of ethical hackers or white hat hackers who work endlessly to secure online world and make it a better place for all. Ethical hackers use their special skills for good.

Linus Torvalds is also a hacker who created Linux. There are more people in the list of hackers turned coders who saw better ways of doing jobs.

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

An ethical hacker is a person who gets job in the organization and can be trusted to undertake hacking of networks and / or computer systems with the help of same methods and techniques used by black hat hackers.

White hat hacker plays a significant role as the malicious hackers will always present and try to penetrate through cracks, backdoors, and other secret methods which are unethical to access. Ethical hackers not just detect the wrongs in systems, but also repair them before cyber criminals take advantage and exploit the systems. Cyber security ecosystem is incomplete without ethical hackers since they uncover hidden vulnerabilities in systems. Certified ethical hackers can earn $99000 on an average annually. The average starting salary of white hat hackers can be $95000.

How ethical hacking is advantageous for software industry?

Nowadays, ethical hacking has turned out to be a mainstream and giants of software industry like Facebook, Google, IBM, etc. hire hackers or teams of hackers to keep the security of their systems up-to-date.

This resulted in discovery of critical vulnerabilities by white hat hackers. Moreover, there are numerous benefits offered by ethical hacking in the software industry.

#Ethical hacking takes useful preventive measures to avoid breaching of system security

White hat hacker takes help of preventive measures to avoid breaching of security. For instance, they apply port scanning tools such as Nessus or Nmap to scan the systems and detect the cracks. The vulnerabilities with each of the cracks is understood by ethical hackers after which they take remedial measures.

They even take part in social engineering concepts and attempt to evade Intrusion Detection Systems, honeypots, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and firewalls.

#Conduct Penetration Tests on Networks regularly

One of the best options to save the system from unethical hacker is to test the network and detect weak links at regular intervals. Ethical hackers help secure and update systems by finding latest vulnerabilities on regular basis. They even explore how much damage can occur due to the detected vulnerabilities. This process is pen testing and it has several methods.

#Ethical hackers protect customer data by preventing breaching of data

The personal data of consumers is the new source of the digital world. Everything in modern digital world runs on data. Ethical hackers will make you ready for the worst and ensure data security. It is also crucial to align how the company will interact with stakeholders. This will slow down the need of real-time decision making when crisis come.


Several white hat hackers, reformed black hat and gray hat hackers have contributed to the advancement of technology and the internet. There is no such need to find and hug the next hacker on the way, but you should always remember that not every hacker is evil and maliciously enters to the networks. Some of them are really helpful in making networks secure and protected.

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